The Elmers 24 Rush
Facebook Live Fabric sale!

Join us over on our Facebook page for an online sale every other month at 6:30pm, for fun & laughter as we go live with a selection of fabrics & products at reduced at crazy prices.

Next Elmers 24 Rush.

21st May 2021

 Until then why not checkout our Clearance section


Elmers 24 Rush Rules

This is how it works=
We will show you the fabric and tell you how much there is and the cost. We will then reveal the number.

If you would like it, then in the comments below you put the number and how much you would like. For example = 64  2 metres or 2 mtrs 64.
It is a first come, first serve basis and it’s the names that appear on the monitor’s screen that win. We understand that people have different wifi speeds and it may appear different on some screens but this is the fairest way we can do it.

After the broadcast we will contact you via Facebook Messenger. 

All payments must be made by 4pm the following day.

Fabrics will not be cut until payment has been made.

Most importantly Elmers 24 Rush is about having fun.

If you missed the last ELMERS 24 RUSH catch up below.

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